A Reassuring Message from Fr. Weber Regarding Hurricane Irma

The Bánica Mission is in the Green Zone.

Apparently, someone invited their friend Irma to swing by the Caribbean and perhaps stop for a spot of tea. Well, she’s almost here and apparently, she’s very angry- perhaps we should have invited her for Christmas when the waters weren’t as favorable for transforming into a monster.

The government seems to be doing what it can and taking this very seriously. There are alerts issued for the entire country, Green, Yellow, and Red. Red, of course, is the angry sort of Red that means stay inside and don’t even peek out of the window lest you become like Lot’s wife. Green being a nice friendly “stuff could happen, but might not.” (The quotes are for effect, not because my translation represents a precise communication of the government alert).

For now, our province is in the friendly green color but we are nevertheless canceling all events etc. to ride out the storm (we are in the province all the way to the left of the above map. We are blessed in our location with mountains to the north and south dampening the effects of the hurricane. Please pray for us, and may those in the most severe conditions remain close to our Blessed Lord.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Weber

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