Bánica: Integral Part of a Two-Nation Project

Being located right on the border of Haiti makes Bánica a participating member of the “Plan Binacional Fronterizo” (Two-Nation Border Plan) which sponsors projects to improve the quality of life in the border region for both Dominicans and Haitians.  The Bánica Mission recently hosted the visit of the Bishop of Hinche (Haiti) along with the Bishop of San Juan (Dominican Republic) during which they toured the region to see the status of the various projects.  Afterwards they and their assistants sat down for a lunch at the Bánica Parish Center.  Fr. O’Hare is pictured below with Bishop Sainte-Hilliene and Bishop Grullón.  The 2nd photo shows the cake which was prepared for the Bishops and their guests featuring an image of the island of Hispaniola: “one island, two nations, one family in Christ.”

IMG_0661 (1) IMG_0660

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