Diga Al Padre Loco

The local carwash (aka: the river)

One evening during my first year in the mission, I was returning from Higuerito after directing the youth group. It was about 8:45 PM when I received a phone call. A voice on the other end asked, “Father, have you eaten yet?” “No.” “Come by and have dinner.” This actually happened often with marvelous timing. Needless to say, I have a great affection for this family and how kindly they took care of me. Carmen the grandmother, Rebecca the mother, Michelle (15), Lisbeth (12), and Juliette (4 mos).
The other day I was at their house and Michelle was with the infant, Juliette, fooling around and saying to the infant, “Diga al Padre que está loco.” (Tell Father he’s crazy). You should have seen my face when she formed the word ‘loco.’ No one who wasn’t there believed that the child had said the word ‘loco’ until a few days later when Juliette, once again, formed those sounds in the hearing of others. Four months is very early to form words, yet I heard it clearly: ‘Loco.’
Life pulls in so many directions here that it is important to get away, take a step back and, once again into the breach. It is good to see some of the things that are ‘loco’ and simply enjoy them.


Super spicy candy!

From spicy hard candies to the local carwash, there is still nothing quite as crazy as Christ’s call to religious life. Recently we had a retreat for about 20 girls in the parish. A few of them are seriously considering religious life, (despite a lack of contact with religious sisters), while the rest of the girls were taking the opportunity to contemplate, for the first time, a life lived out in love with Jesus. This, of course, should be the way that marriage is lived out as

Girls on a religious discernment retreat

well but, unfortunately, the examples of holy matrimony in the parish are few and far between. The most ‘loco’ that we can be is when we fall in love the way that God loves us, and we follow the God-man who seems so foolish to the world that He came down to die that we might have life.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Weber



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